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PHAA Homeschool in High School Conference 10:00 Session

THREAD 2:   What Steps Are Needed to be Ready for College


What to start or continue in 9th grade, even from 7th grade

  1. Begin with your end goal in mind

  2. Start to focus on your student’s passions and completing required courses well

  3. Enjoy a well-rounded homeschool experience (athletics, leadership, travel, varied types of study such as co-ops, interning, job-shadowing, AP or honors courses, dual enrollment, working with a mentor, attending lectures, free online courses)

  4. Keep accurate records of objective grading, courses, extracurricular and leadership activities

  5. Enter contests, apply for scholarships, start initiatives. All will look great on applications

  6. Attend college summer programs, both day-long and sleep-away, in your passion-areas


Looking at your options

  1. As a guidance counselor, the parent can help by perhaps putting together a spread sheet comparing different post-high school opportunities such as college, military, trade school, employment, entrepreneurship

  2. Use resources such as college search engines or The College Board’s BigFuture comparison website to compare the important traits of different educational institutions

  3. Narrow down your “safe, target, and reach” choices, visiting them while classes are in session, talking to students and perhaps people in departments of interest



  1. Review the admissions website of the colleges that are of interest and see how they would like the student to apply, for example:-the Common App, their own application

  2. Help your student complete the application by acting as their guidance counselor, supplying them with their transcripts, list of extracurricular and leadership activities, recommendations for those who could write them a letter of recommendation, etc., Fearless Homeschool could help with these details


Getting ready for college

  1. Attend some classes and student activities at a community college to get the feel of the social side of college

  2. Attend a summer sleep-away program at a college to get the feel of dorm life

  3. Understand that you will be coming at college from a different direction than a lot of students because you’ve managed your own learning, helped to shop for the best educational delivery systems, were immersed in your family life for a lot of each day

PHAA Homeschool in High School Conference 2022 Noon Session

Thread 2 Utilizing Cyber Resources


​EAGLE Mom Squad

  1. How we began

  2. What we seek to do

  3. What we offer

  4. How folks can connect with us


Resources connecting parents

  1. EAGLE Mom Squad website & FB Exploring Homeschooling with Eagle Mom Squad

  2. HA-HA Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association

  3. PEAC

  4. Co-ops and homeschool support groups found on Ask Pauline, HSLDA, etc


Resources Connecting Students

  1. homeschool groups posted events

  2.  multi-player games

  3. host your own club

  4. interning, job-shadowing, and volunteering


Educational resources

  1. General Academic Help: PA Homeschoolers AP and Honors Courses, Kahn Academy, You Tube’s Crash Course, Hillsdale Online Courses, Quizlet

  2. English and writing: Purdue Owl, Coursera, etc.  

  3. Languages: Duolingo, Memrise, Langphile[ES1] , NativLang, You Tube’s Easy-Languages

  4. Stem:You Tube’s Numberphile, ASAP Science, Computerphile, Veritasium

  5. Arts: Noteflight, Professor Carol, Google’s Arts and Culture


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