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Wow-Junior American Citizen Clubs Are Amazing!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Imagine any school-aged student being able to enter an art-oriented contest around a patriotic/historic theme to win monetary prizes and honor, while learning about our country’s history with their friends. These are the benefits of participating in Junior American Citizen (JAC) Clubs through a Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter in your area.

Through the sponsoring DAR chapter, clubs can meet daily, once a year, or somewhere in between. Members salute the flag, say the JAC values creed, and participate in community service and patriotic activities, while learning history and developing a deep love of America.

The DAR JAC Committee sponsors contests in art, creative expression, and community service for preschoolers through grade 12. Any child is eligible to participate in the contest. A child does not have to be a JAC club member or Children of the American Revolution member to enter. The 2022-2023 Contest Theme is:“The 50th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle.”

Please enjoy this recent video about our Gettysburg Chapter, NSDAR’s efforts to help our local students (public, private, or homeschooled) enjoy the benefits of JAC.

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