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Using Cyber Resources

Resources connecting parents

  1. EAGLE Mom Squad website & FB Exploring Homeschooling with Eagle Mom Squad

  2. HA-HA Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association

  3. PEAC

  4. Co-ops and homeschool support groups found on Ask Pauline, HSLDA, etc

Resources Connecting Students

  1. homeschool groups posted events

  2. multi-player games

  3. host your own club

  4. interning, job-shadowing, and volunteering

Educational resources

  1. General Academic Help: PA Homeschoolers AP and Honors Courses, Kahn Academy, You Tube’s Crash Course, Hillsdale Online Courses, Quizlet

  2. English and writing: Purdue Owl, Coursera, etc.

  3. Languages: Duolingo, Memrise, Langphile[ES1] , NativLang, You Tube’s Easy-Languages

  4. Stem:You Tube’s Numberphile, ASAP Science, Computerphile, Veritasium

  5. Arts: Noteflight, Professor Carol, Google’s Arts and Culture

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