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Spotlighting Our Evaluators

Eagle Mom Squad shares wisdom from many experienced homeschool parents; today, I’d like to introduce two of our parents who also evaluate for PA Homeschoolers: Julie Abell and Edy Sarnoff.

Julie Abell

Julie is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, class of 1990. She has been married for 26 years and has three children ages 23, 20, and 17, whom she homeschooled for over 15 years.

Evaluating in Pennsylvania for many years, Julie also tutors homeschool students in a tutorial setting in all levels of math, high school sciences, and high school English. She can act as a guidance counselor and is very familiar with guiding kids in the Army ROTC college scholarship process which can earn your child full or almost full tuition AND room and board at the college of their choice.

Julie was our family’s evaluator for many years and her professional and encouraging guidance made all the difference in my children’s’ path through homeschooling and into college.

Edy Sarnoff

Edy offers evaluations for K-12 homeschoolers in a virtual or in-person setting, always taking care to celebrate your child’s curiosity, strengths, and victories over challenges.

She holds a master’s degree in musicology and has been an independent music teacher for over 30 years. She also offers English and writing tutoring. Having homeschooled with her husband, their own children K-12 and into college, she can provide encouragement and guidance for meeting state requirements while tailoring your child’s education to work with their talents and learning styles.

Edy’s gentle enthusiasm helps make evaluations and college/career guidance fun!

Reach out to us for more information about evaluations and/or tutoring for your homeschoolers.

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