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Myths of Homeschooling

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Of all the great myths heard around the world throughout history, some of the most persistent and ludicrous are the ones surrounding the life of a homeschooler. I invite you to revisit the common myths surrounding home education with a real, live, happy homeschooler.

1. Too much/Too Little social.

As discussed over at this blog there are plentiful opportunities for our children to see friends in various social settings. HOWEVER, equal attention could be given to the HOME part of HOME-schooling. Home is our place of routine and security, so we balance our time to reflect the priorities for friends AND family. Go ahead and sign your child up for an outside activity or two, but remember to come home and spend time on your own couch sometimes, too. If you are feeling too drained and restless where you are it might be time to reevaluate your level of involvement outside the home.

2. You need a teaching degree to teach children.

I have immeasurable respect for school teachers and am thankful for those caring and dedicated professionals! I simply ask, “Does that teaching degree make them know and love my child more than I do?” Of course not. You are unequivocally dedicated to helping form them and help them succeed in life. Education is a process by which we give our children tools to learn and mature and grow into the amazing people we know they can be. YOU ARE CAPABLE of this! Check out the numerous resources for guidance by skill and recommendations for grades and see how that fits best for your child. Does he need extra help writing? Then choose an outlet focused on that. Does she love history? Help her find good resources to foster that enthusiasm. Be confident that YOUR involvement is the best academic boost you will ever offer your child.

3. You need to mimic institutional school in your home.

How exhausting! Unless you suddenly have 30 students in your living room there is no need to look at the school’s policies and schedules for your standard. You are teaching your OWN child in your OWN home, and can thus create the environment and schedule that best suits your family. Claim the freedom to teach your child what they need as you go along, and with big goals and unconditional love.

4. But College!

Good news! Colleges LOVE homeschoolers! (I am a product of homeschooling high school AND a graduate of a University with a Bachelor’s degree.) As a homeschooler you will have opportunities to help your child prepare for college during the high school years with specialized classes, dual enrollment, intern/trade opportunities, test prep, and extracurricular community service and clubs. As homeschooling gained public momentum over the past 20 years more and more well-respected universities began to recognize the differences from homeschool applicants and we are highly respected across fields of study. THIS ARTICLE from Business Insider gives a few examples of Ivy League attitude toward homeschooled applicants, as well as some fair insight into a few reasons for this open-minded attitude.

5. I’m not patient/organized/calm/whatever enough to homeschool.

Actually? Me neither. In fact, none of us are all those things all the time. Believe it or not, homeschool parents do not, as a default, have super-human powers that classify us as unique species. Rather, we are just parents who are trying to do the best for our children’s formation and education. We all do some things well and some things …not… and that might change week to week! Some of us have alphabetized closets and some of us have to shove the door closed. Some of us calmly guide through phonics and some of us had to take up knitting just to sit still. Ask other homeschool parents for tip and ideas as everyone has strengths they are willing to share! You have strengths to offer your children and weaknesses to work through, just like everyone else. What you have that is TOTALLY unique is the unconditional love and devotion for your children. That will carry you through the tough areas and help you soar through the fun.

~ Kate T.

What Myths have you heard? Contact us with any questions you have!

If you would like to hear more about how to homeschool, check out our newest YouTube video:

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