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Make Homeshooling Exciting

For most kids, the idea of any type of schooling combined with the word exciting, seems an impossibility. School has become a place of boredom and tedious repetition where kids are often herded through various benchmarks in order to churn out the desired product of a high school diploma.

Learning doesn't have to be that way. Our human nature supplies us with the curiosity we need to not only explore the world we live in, but to wonder at it. Those innate tendencies should be cultivated in our children, not suppressed. Homeschooling offers parents an opportunity to encourage that gift of curiosity and allow it to propel us forward.

Approaching each day as a gift, one that will not be given again, is a great way to start children on a path of excited curiosity. Helping our children to see that the mathematical principals they are working on open up the secrets of the heavens, while studying history allows us to encounter the great minds that built our nation, or observing the changing seasons helps us to appreciate the value and passage of time; these all contribute to an attitude of creating lifelong learners.

It doesn't mean that there won’t be hard days when the materials seem daunting and we will have to overcome ourselves to push through to the end. Nor does it mean each day will be bubbling over with new revelations. But those small victories, coupled with fresh eyes and an open heart, will go a long way in building a year where learning was welcomed and relished by both you and your kids, and that's truly something to be excited about!

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