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Do I Have To Buy All My Curriculum New?

If you are like me and a lot of homeschool families, we are mostly one-income families. Which means, we need to live on a budget...figure out how to make the money go around. Yes, you can buy all your curriculum new from the specific company websites, however, I enjoy finding bargains. I have listed below my favorite places to get used curriculum - a lot of times, the workbooks / student texts, haven’t even been written in. The first and best place I start is here: PACE - PA Curriculum Exchange 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, PA 717-432-9947 This is a physical store that you can actually go in and browse, sit down and open the books and see all the pages. It is Wonderful! They have over 38,000 books and educational manipulatives. Most books are discounted at least 40% off of retail price - and the best part is that she has a second building behind the main store for the bargain items - lots of books for under $1.00! Hours are limited - check the website - however if you can’t make it during her open hours, you can request an appointment. The owner is very knowledgeable and can give you further information and/or make recommendations. If you are looking for a specific book, you can call or email before driving to the store to make sure she has it in stock. And when you are done with your curriculum, you can drop off your books for her to resell and you get a portion of the proceeds. You can also subscribe to the blog and will then be alerted to the store sales and deals. If you can’t find what you are looking for at the PACE store, then hit the internet - some of the place I have found used curriculum are below. I have put an * next to the ones I have found most useful. * - look for the used books under Other Sellers * * - this site takes some maneuvering to figure out, but I have been able to buy hard to find items here - not a lot of curriculum on this site - mainly online subscriptions You can also find some online free curriculum: Check out and And don’t be afraid to check out the internet for free supplemental worksheets for specific items, places like Teachers Pay Teachers have some free resources - type in FREE and then the subject and see what comes up - you might be surprised! You don’t have to stick to the above list, search and see what else you can find. When you find something worthwhile, share it with others - places like the or the - what benefits you might just be a benefit to another family! Ask other homeschool families what their secret is to getting used curriculum - that is the one thing I really like about the homeschool families I know - everyone is willing to share what they know!

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